Camtasia (Windows): Slow rendering in Camtasia


There are a couple of different instances which can cause slow rendering in Camtasia Studio.  To start off I would expect a rendering to normally take about the same time as the length of the timeline.  For example, if the timeline is 30 minutes I would expect a ballpark rendering time of 30 minutes.  Maybe a little more or a little less depending on settings.

With that said there are two things I've seen that can dramatically increase rendering time.

Solution 1

Using source content that has a higher dimension than 2048x2048.  Since Camtasia Studio 8's timeline can produce a max of 2048x2048 if you bring media into the timeline larger than that dimension Camtasia will have to scale the media down to a size that works.  That scaling process will have a huge effect and perhaps double or triple the rendering time.

Solution 2

Adjusting the quality slider to a percentage higher than 75%.  See below.

Not only does this create a much larger file it will also slow the rendering speed down considerably.