Introducing: Improved Capture Window

Whether you are looking to take a capture on-the-fly or to customize and save your capture settings for future use, Snagit's new design makes it simpler to switch between the capture options.

  • For Quick Captures
    With All-in-One capture, you can choose to capture an image or a video on-the-fly. Snagit has default capture settings to help you capture at any time.
    All-in-One tab
  • For Custom or Repeated Captures
    Use the Image and Video tabs to customize the settings to meet your needs. You can add image effects, automatically share a capture to a destination, set up a webcam recording device, and other customizations.
    Image tab

See Capture Window Overview.


Set up a preset to automatically remember your capture settings.

Presets button

Use presets to:

  • Save commonly used capture settings.
  • Eliminate the setup time before each capture.
  • Quickly switch between capture types based on the task at hand.
  • Reduce the editing required by automatically adding effects or selecting the share location.

See Save Capture Settings with Presets.


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