Capture Window Overview

The Capture window provides the flexibility to meet your capture needs. Take a quick capture, a customized screen capture, or a video recording.


To open the Capture window:

  • In the Notifications area, click the Snagit icon to open the Capture window on the screen.
  • In Snagit Editor, click the Capture button to open the Capture window on the screen.

    When the Capture window is open, it also appears in the taskbar.

To turn on the dockable capture window, OneClick, select File > Capture Preferences > General tab > Show OneClick.

Capture Tabs

The Capture window is designed for quick and flexible capture. Switch tabs to choose between image, video, or the quick All-in-One capture settings.

  • All-in-One Tab: The default settings help you quickly capture an image, video, or panoramic capture on-the-fly.
  • Image Tab: Customize the image capture settings to meet your needs. Automatically add effects, share directly to a destination, add a time delay, and much more.
  • Video Tab: Customize the video capture settings to meet your needs. Set up audio or a webcam device for the video.

To learn more about the settings on each tab, see the following topics:

Capture Button

Click the Capture button on any tab in the Capture window to start a capture with the current settings. You can also start a capture with the current settings by pressing Print Screen, the global capture hotkey. To learn how to customize the hotkey, see Change the Global Capture Hotkey.

In the example above, when you click the Capture button, Snagit captures an image with a border and shares it to

Save Capture Settings with Presets

Set up a preset to automatically remember your capture settings.

Use presets to:

  • Save commonly used capture settings.
  • Eliminate the setup time before each capture.
  • Quickly switch between capture types based on the task at hand.
  • Reduce the editing required by automatically adding effects or selecting the share location.

See Save Capture Settings with Presets.

Discover New Ways to Capture with Snagit

To discover more ways to capture with Snagit, see What Do You Want to Capture?


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