Capture a Scrolling Window

Snagit can capture the entire contents of a web browser or application window including the content that extends beyond the visible area in the window.

scrolling example

  1. Open or set up what you want to capture.
  2. In the Capture window, click the All-in-One tab.
    All-in-One tab
  3. Click the Capture button or press Control-Shift-C.
    Capture button
  4. The orange crosshairs appear. Move the cursor over the window.
    Click a scroll arrow
    Click an arrow to take a capture of the horizontal scrolling area, vertical scrolling area, or the entire scrolling area.

    If the scroll arrows do not appear, make sure Scrolling Capture is enabled in the Capture Preferences.

The capture opens in Snagit Editor where you can preview, edit, and share the capture.


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