Video Tab Settings

The Video tab allows you to customize the video capture settings to meet your needs. Set up audio or a webcam device for the video.

Video tab

The Video tab settings include:

To get started in recording a video with the selected settings, see Record a Video.

Basic Settings

Option Description

Record a built-in webcam or other camera device during video capture.

The Webcam option switches between displaying the webcam recording (Webcam enabled) and displaying the screen recording (Webcam disabled) in the video capture.

Record Microphone Record audio using a microphone device during video capture.
Record System Audio Record the system audio (sounds from your computer’s speakers) during video capture.
Preview in Editor

Open the capture in Snagit Editor to preview, edit, and share the video.

Disable this option to skip previewing and editing the capture in Snagit Editor. Select a Share option in the Capture window, to automatically share to your destination.

Capture Cursor

Include the cursor in the capture.

For video captures, it is recommended to capture the cursor with video recordings to help show where the action occurs on the screen.

Selection Settings

Selection defines the area or type of content to capture on the screen. To learn more about video dimensions and selection tips, see Select the Video Recording Area.

Option Description


Select to record a region on your screen.

If you need to record at specific dimensions, click the Selection Properties button and select the Fixed region option. Set the dimensions and/or the position in the fields.


Select to record the entire screen.

Note: If you have multiple monitors, the Fullscreen option only captures one monitor.

Share Settings

Select an output to send the video to after capture.

  1. Select an option from the Share dropdown.
  2. To share to multiple destinations, select the Add another destination option.

If the Preview in Editor option is enabled, you must click the Finish button in Snagit Editor to send the capture to the selected destination.
Finish button

Snagit Outputs Description

Send the capture to an FTP server using file transfer protocol. Upload the capture to TechSmith’s hosting service which provides a URL or embed code for quick sharing.
Camtasia Import the video capture to edit or use as source clips in a project.
TechSmith Relay Upload the video capture to TechSmith Relay.
YouTube Upload the video capture to your YouTube account.
Google Drive Upload the capture to Google Drive for video hosting.
Dropbox Upload the capture to Dropbox for video hosting.
Mail Insert the capture into a new email message.
Messages Insert the capture into a new message.
Airdrop Send the capture to another Apple device through AirDrop.
Vimeo Upload the video capture to Vimeo for video hosting.
Facebook Post a capture onto your Facebook timeline.

Save Settings as a Preset

To save the capture settings for future use, select Add Preset dropdown > New preset from current settings.


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