How to Achieve Optimal Performance with InstantReplay

There are many factors which can impact the overall performance of Coach's Eye + InstantReplay. Router placement, the types of devices you're using, and field setup are critical to the success of Coach's Eye + InstantReplay. That's why the Coach's Eye Team has spent a lot of time testing out Coach's Eye + InstantReplay in a wide variety of settings and with a large variety of devices and routers, in order to provide you with the best recommendations for optimal performance. Use the recommendations below to achieve success with your Coach's Eye + InstantReplay package.

In order to achieve optimal performance with Coach's Eye + InstantReplay:

  1. You need the right router. After much testing, our strong recommendation is the EnGenius AC1200. Additionally, you MUST have a separate wireless router to setup your own closed Wi-Fi network. You CANNOT use InstantReplay with existing wireless networks.

              *You can learn more about why we recommend this router here

              *You can learn how to configure the EnGenius AC1200 router here.

              *You can learn how to setup a closed Wi-Fi network and connect your

  2. You need the right devices. We've tested with several variations of Android mobile devices and recommend the following: Samsung S6, Galaxy G4 and the Nexus 9 tablet.

    *Please Note: You will also need to be running version 4.3 (or later), of the Android operating system, for InstantReplay to work.

  3. The number of devices you attempt to use with InstantReplay WILL impact its overall performance. We recommend using NO MORE than FOUR mobile devices with InstantReplay at any given time. Additionally, the EnGenius AC1200 router will support the following role scenarios:

              a. 2 Broadcasters and 2 Receivers

              b. 2 Broadcasters and 1 Receiver

              c. 1 Broadcaster and 2 Receivers

    If you need to use more than four devices with InstantReplay, we recommend purchasing the EnGenius AC1750 router.

  4. Router setup and placement are key. You should use the following guidelines when setting up your wireless router for game time.

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