Selecting Your Device's Role (Android, Instant Replay)

Once you've signed into the InstantReplay app, you need to select your device's role. In the application, you can either be a broadcaster or a receiver. It's important for you to know you have to have at least of one of each role, in order for the app to work properly.

To select your device's role:

  1. Open the InstantReplay app. Tap on the gear icon in the upper, right-hand corner of your screen to open the Settings menu.

  2. Tap the broadcaster option if you're going to be recording footage to send to the receiver.

    As a broadcaster, you have the following options:

         1. Name your camera so that when the receiver gets your video, he/she knows which
             device or camera angle it came from.

         2. You also have the option to delete videos from your device once you've sent them to the
             receiver. This is a great option if you're worried about storage space on your device.

         3. Finally, you can turn camera tagging on or off. Currently, camera tagging allows you to
             tag plays specific to football. If you're using the application for something other than
             football, you may want to turn tagging off.

  3. Tap the receiver option if you're going to be viewing and analyzing videos sent from the broadcasters. 

    As a receiver, you'll be able to see all of the devices nearby which are available to be a broadcaster. Tap on the desired devices to add them as broadcasters. Connected broadcasters will be indicated with a yellow check mark. 

  4. When you're done selecting you device's role, tap anywhere outside of the Settings menu to return to your video library.

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