Add Coaches and Players to Your Roster on Your Mobile Device (Android)

Once your team is set up, invite desired coaches and players to join so you can begin creating and sharing content. We offer several quick and easy ways for you to share out the invite link to your team. Players and coaches use this link to access your team page and create their account.

*View video version of this tutorial here

To add coaches and players to your team roster:

  1. Launch Coach's Eye on your mobile device. Tap the Team for which you would like to add members to the roster. Tap Invite Member (may be hidden under the Overflow button).


  2. After tapping Invite Member, your screen will look similar to the image below. There are a number of ways to deliver the unique TEAMS invite link to your players and coaches. Choose the sharing option that is most convenient for you and your members. Some coaches just send the link to themselves and write the link on a whiteboard or handout. 

    How can you quickly and easily reach the majority of your team members? Perhaps you already have an email list for your team, or maybe you have a team webpage, Facebook page or Twitter handle you use to get important information out to members of your team. 

    One thing to keep in mind is anyone who has access to the invite link can join your team (until you hit the roster limit), so it's entirely up to you how public and accessible you want the team invite link to be. You can, however, delete members from your roster as often as you need to, in order to free up seats.


  3. Once you've shared the team invite, all invited coaches and players will receive a link to your team page. They will be asked to enter a first and last name and select Join Team.

  4. Users who have successfully joined your team will now appear on your teams page, as well as in your team roster.

**Please Note: Those send the team invite link to will need to use the following process in order to successfully create an account, join your team, and have full access to the Coach's Eye app. You may want to include these instructions in the team invite you send out, or print it out for users to ensure they follow the appropriate steps.