Ideal Router Setup

When it's game time, it's go time, and you don't have any time to waste fussing with technology. We've taken the time to test several different routers in a wide variety of game time scenarios, as well as with various setups. After much testing, we'd like to offer you our recommendations on the best router/access point setup and field placement, to achieve success with Coach's Eye + InstantReplay.

For optimal router performance with Coach's Eye + InstantReplay:

  1. Your access point should be placed at a MINIMUM of 14 feet above the highest bench seat in the stands. The access point’s ideal setup would be placed on top of the press box or outside the press box’s walls which can interfere with the signal or cause disruption due to the high power of the access point used.

    An alternative option is having a 13ft stand to the right or left of the front of the bleachers. This should only be used as a last resort (e.g. smaller schools that may not have a tall enough press box). 

  2. The access point must be pointed directly at Home side or Away side (wherever the team is playing), and NOT toward the middle of the field.

  3. Metal fencing in front of or behind the access point will interfere with the signal. It is best to have a tripod to allow the router to reach over the fencing or railing.

  4. The device(s) with the receiver role should always be located behind the team when on the home side of the field, or in front of the team on the away side of the field. In other words, there should not be any obstructions from the iPad to the access point. (For example, people's bodies absorb approx. 30% of the signal per body.)

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