My Devices Can't Connect with Each Other


You have multiple iPads, Smartphones, or Android tablets. At first, the broadcasters see the receivers and everything is going great. Later, you try to connect and one or more of the devices isn't showing up in the list.

What gives, and how do I fix it? 

One place where we see this happen is after half-time in a football game. The devices might be powered off, go to sleep, or perhaps taken into the locker room where they lose their connection to the access point. When you come back on the field, the device is a bit confused about what network they should be on or who was connected to who. 

Try this: 
Make sure your devices are still on your InstantReplay network. Devices can have a habit of jumping onto another network they are familiar with. Some Android devices will aggressively drop any wifi connection with slow or no Internet. Under Wifi Settings, there's an "Advanced" option where you can uncheck "Auto Network Switch".

Kill the apps. (There is no need to sign out.) On iOS you double press the Home button. Swipe up on InstantReplay. Relaunch InstantReplay. On Android, press the square Menu button. Your running apps are presented. Press the X to close InstantReplay. Relaunch InstantReplay.

Another thing you can try is toggling between Broadcaster and Receiver on each device. For example, if a particular iPad was set up to be the broadcaster, just change it to a Receiver and back to a Broadcaster. 

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