Creating a TechSmith ID to Access Your TEAMS Account

All coaches and players you invite to join your team will need to create a TechSmith account. For those users who have used Coach's Eye or another TechSmith solution, they can use their existing TechSmith account to sign in. All coaches and players should also download the Coach's Eye + app to their mobile devices (free) or access the account link through their web browser. 

**Please Note: You DO NOT have to pay for the Coach's Eye app if you have a TEAMS subscription, or were invited to join someone's team. You do, however, have to accept the invite and join the team, before you can unlock the app.

Process Overview: 
Invite players and coaches  >  Players and coaches click invitation link  >  Players and coaches create account and join team  >  Players and Coaches download Coach's Eye + app or Enter URL link in Web Browser

To create a new TechSmith ID:

  1. When a coach or player clicks the invite link to join your team, they are taken to the team's homepage on They can join a team from their mobile device or a desktop/laptop computer. They will need to click or tap on Sign In, at the bottom of their screen.

    A.) Team Invite Link:

  2. Sign in Page

    On iOS:

    On Web Browser:

  3. Next, the coach or player can login with an existing TechSmith ID, or create a new one by tapping on the Create a Free Account option.

    On iOS:

    On Web Browser:

  4. The coach or player can use his/her email address and a password of their choosing to create their account.

    On Web Browser:

  5. Once they have signed up for an account, they will be redirected back to the team's homepage. They will be asked to enter their First Name, Last Name, and tap Join Team.

    On Web Browser:

  6. Once the coach or player has joined your team, you will be able to see them in your team roster.

Downloading the Coach's Eye + App:
To contribute videos and take advantage of all the features and functionality Coach's Eye + TEAMS has to offer, players and coaches will want to download Coach's Eye + from the App Store, on their mobile device.

  • If you are on an Apple (iOS) device, open the App Store, and download and install Coach’s Eye +. (This version is free and unlocked with your TEAMS account. The version of Coach’s Eye for individuals costs $4.99.
  • If you are using an Android or Windows device, download and install the Coach’s Eye App. (There is only one version and it is free.)

This is the App icon for Coach’s Eye + for iOS devices.