Create a New Locker on Your Mobile Device

With the purchase of a Coach’s Eye + TEAMS account, you can add as many Lockers as needed. Each Team account allows up to 10 users, (Owner +9 other users) called Seats to access Lockers, and can be coaches, parents, or athletes. Additional Seats can be purchased for $5 USD/person per year. You can create a new Locker using your mobile device or on the Coach's Eye website.

Create a new Locker on a mobile device using the following steps:

    1. Open up the Coach's Eye app on the mobile device. From the Videos section, tap + CREATE NEW LOCKER:

    2. Once a locker is created, there will be an option to invite others to the Locker (ff you choose skip, you can still add members to the Locker later):    2017-12-19_15-51-12.png
    3. Select the team logo or icon (optional). Select an image from your device or take a photo with the device camera. Also, add a team photo (optional). Pinch and move the image to scale and position as desired. Enter a team name. Tap Create2017-12-19_15-49-48.png
    4. The team is created!