Create a New Team on Your Mobile Device

With the purchase of a Coach’s Eye + TEAMS account, you can add as many teams as you want. Each team can have any number of coaches and players on the roster. You can create new teams using your mobile device or on the Coach's Eye website.

You can create a new team on your mobile device using the following steps:

    1. Open up the Coach's Eye app on your mobile device. From the Videos section, tap + CREATE NEW LOCKER:

    2. Once you create a new locker name you will have an option to invite others to the team (If you choose skip, you can still add members to the locker later):    2017-12-19_15-51-12.png
    3. Select your team logo or icon (optional). For this, you may select an image from your device or take a photo with the device camera. Likewise, you can add a team photo (optional). Pinch and move the image to scale and position as desired. You must enter a team name. Tap Create when you're done. 2017-12-19_15-49-48.png
    4. Your team is created!