Make Your Team Videos Accessible Offline on Your Mobile Device

We know you and your players won't always have internet access, but will still need to view videos. That's why we make it possible to view your videos available offline. Whether you're on the field or riding the bus back from a big game, we make it possible for you to access your videos anytime, anywhere. 

To make videos in your team's shared locker accessible offline:

  1. Open up the Coach's Eye app on your mobile device. From the Videos section, tap on the team/locker you wish to access.


  2. Tap on the thumbnail of the video you wish to make accessible offline.


  3. Next to the Available Offline option, tap more (3 dots) and select download.


  4. You should now see a downward facing green arrow icon in the upper left-hand corner of the video thumbnail, indicating your video is available offline.