Record a Video

To record a new video using the Coach's Eye app:

  1. Open up the Coach's Eye app on your mobile device. Next, tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. 


  2. In order to create a new recording, Coach's Eye needs to access your device's camera. Tap OK to proceed. You should only have to do this one time.

To create the best video possible, Coach's Eye offers the following tools:


  1. Tap the camera icon to alternate between the front and back camera.
  2. Tap the microphone icon to mute your recording. This can be helpful for doing voice over analysis once you're done recording.
  3. Tap the timer icon to delay the recording start for a specified amount of time.
  4. Tap the grid icon to make sure your recording is lined up appropriately. Please note, the grid lines are not included in the actual recording.
  5. Tap the Red button to begin recording.
  6. Tap the gear icon to change video quality settings.



  1. Tap the red button at the bottom of your screen to start and stop your recording.

  2. Once you're done recording, tap on the thumbnail in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen to return to your video library.