Save Your Coach's Eye Videos to Your Computer

You have a few different options for saving your videos from your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

OPTION 1 - To save your videos from your iPad or iPhone to your computer via the Camera Roll/Photos app:

First you need to save your Coach's Eye videos to your devices Camera Roll (Photos app). You can do this via the share workflow in Coach's Eye:

1. Tap Share on any video.

2. Tap Export.

3. Tap Photos.


4. You can then follow these steps to sync your videos to your computer:

OPTION 2 - To use a third party app/service like Dropbox to sync videos between your mobile device and your computer:

1. Tap Share any video.

2. Tap Export.

3. Tap Dropbox (you must have the Dropbox app installed).


*Alternatively, to import videos into Coach's Eye from Dropbox use the following workflow.

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