All-in-One Tab Settings

The All-in-One tab provides default settings to help you quickly capture an image or video capture on-the-fly.

All-in-One tab

Copy to Clipboard Copy the capture to the Clipboard for quick pasting into another program or location after capture.
Preview in Editor

Open the capture in Snagit Editor to preview, edit, and share the image or video.

Disable this option to skip previewing and editing the capture in Snagit Editor. Select a Share option in the Capture window, to automatically share to your destination.

Capture Cursor

Include the cursor in the capture.

  • For image captures, the cursor is captured as a vector image that can be moved, edited, or deleted from the image.
  • For video captures, it is recommended to capture the cursor with video recordings to help show where the action occurs on the screen.
5 Second Delay

Delay the start of the capture by 5 seconds to allow for additional setup time before capture.

After clicking the Capture button, a countdown appears on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Additional Options

Click the additional options icon to expand the share options for All-in-One capture.

Select an option from the Share dropdown to share the capture. To learn more about Share output, see Share Overview.

  • If the Preview in Editor option is enabled, you must click the Finish button in Snagit Editor to send the capture to the selected destination.
    Finish button
  • If the Preview in Editor option is disabled, the capture is automatically sent to the selected destination after capture.

Only outputs that support both image and video file formats are available. For more sharing destinations, use the Image tab, Video tab, or share a capture from Snagit Editor.


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