Troubleshooting Upload/Sharing Issues

Sign Out of Your Coach's Eye Account

1. Open Coach's Eye
2. Tap Account tab (just to right of the camera button)
3. At the top of the account screen make sure you are in Settings (top right).
4. Tap Sign out (just below your profile info).

Force Close the Coach's Eye App

Toggle Airplane Mode
Put your device into Airplane mode for 15 seconds, then take it back out of Airplane mode. You can quickly access Airplane mode from the device control panel--swipe up from the bottom of the device and a transparent screen will display. Toggle the Airplane button off and then back on.

Execute a Hard Reboot
Hold down the Sleep and Wake button at the same time until the Apple logo appears (may take up to 15 seconds). The phone will shut down and turn on, then the Apple logo will appear.

Test Your Connectivity

After the restart is complete open up mobile Safari and make sure you internet connection is working. Then launch Mail and send a test email to yourself. Verify that you received the email.

If you cannot send or receive mail, follow this troubleshooting guide:

Sign In to Your Coach's Eye Account

Launch Coach's Eye. Visit the account tab and sign back in to your Coach's Eye account.

Share a New Video
Now attempt to share a video that you have never shared before. Make sure you keep Coach's Eye app open and in the foreground until the upload is complete.

Retry or Clear Failed Uploads
Visit the Accounts -> Notifications panel and retry or clear an previously failed uploads.
In the vast majority of cases these troubleshooting steps will get you back up and uploading successfully.


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