Pair Bluetooth Remote with iOS Device

You can start and stop recording in Coach's Eye and in InstantReplay by pairing a bluetooth remote with your device. People find this especially convenient when they have their device on a tripod. They can record while being able to stay more focused on the live action. 

There are many remotes out there, but here's one that gets the job done and we like how there is a blue indicator light so you know it's functioning. 

To pair the remote: 

1. Turn on the remote. (You might have to remove the tab between the battery and contact the first use.)

2. On your iOS device, tap Settings.

3. Tap the Bluetooth menu. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled. 

4. The device should scan and eventually find the remote. The remote listed above shows up as "AB Shutter 3". 

5. Tap the newly-discovered device. 

Once paired, the devices should find each other and connect automatically going forward. To use, just go into Coach's Eye or InstantReplay and press the iOS or Android button to start and stop recording.

**Range on the remote is about 30 feet.