Camtasia (Windows): Black video while previewing or an error occurred with the following clip on the timeline

This issue has been fixed by Microsoft in the following update.


There is a known bug with Windows 10 and AVI files where two different behaviors can occur.

  1. As you are previewing your video the preview window will turn black or go blank at random spots throughout the timeline.  These blank spots may also show up in the produced video as well.
  2. During production you will recieve an error stating "an error has occurred with the following clip on the timeline" and reference an AVI file.

If you are using Camrec files on the timeline (AVI's are inside the Camrec) the best workaround is to extract the AVI from the Camrec file and then convert that AVI file to something like MP4. We have a video on how to do that conversion here.

In order to extract the AVI from the camrec right click the camrec in the clip bin and choose extract camrec contents.

If you are just using AVI files then converting them to MP4 using Handbrake with the steps above will work as well.


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