Configuring Your EnGenius AC1200 Access Point

This tutorial outlines how to configure the EnGenius AC1200 Access Point, for those who have purchased this specific router to use with their Coach's Eye + InstantReplay solution.

This document is not meant to replace the manufacturer’s user manual. It attempts to briefly summarize the essential steps for setup. (Firmware version 2.0.22)

  1. Refer to page 13 (Windows) or 14 (Mac) from this user manual, to give your computer a manual IP address. Suggestion: Use

    • Open System Preferences on your computer

    • Select Network

    • For Configure IPv4: Select Manually, from the drop down menu.  Enter the IP Address:

  2. Connect and power the EnGenius access point per the manufacturer’s directions.
  3. Open a web browser on your computer. Type into the address bar and hit the return key.

    **The default credentials to get into the Access Point user interface are:

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

  4. Under the wireless tab, neither of the 2.4 or 5.0 GHz SSIDs should be enabled. Scroll down to the Wireless Settings - 2.4GHz section and uncheck the box under the enabled section. Scroll down to the Wireless Settings 5GHz section and uncheck the box under the enabled section.

  5. Scroll further down the page and enable the Guest Network Settings, and name both channels with the same SSID. For Security Mode, select WPA2/PSK AES and enter a passphrase of your choosing. Client Isolation should not be checked. (Your screen should look similar to the image below.)

  6. Make sure to save your settings at the bottom of the page, before exiting.

  7. Important: You still have to apply the changes as shown below. Select the Changes icon and then select Apply. The access point will reboot, and after approximately one minute, you should be ready to get your devices on the network and start using InstantReplay.

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