Make Your Team Videos Accessible Offline on Your Mobile Device (Android)

We know you and your players won't always have internet access, but will still need to view videos. That's why we make it possible to view your videos available offline. Whether you're on the field or riding the bus back from a big game, we make it possible for you to access your videos anytime, anywhere. 

*View video version of this tutorial here.

To make videos in your team's shared locker accessible offline on your mobile device:

  1. Launch Coach's Eye app on your mobile device. From the **Please Note: A video created within the team locker is ONLY accessible by the members of the team. If anyone shares the link to the video with someone not on your team roster, they will not be able to view the video. Additionally, at this time, there is not a way to export a video out of a team. All videos created within or imported into a team locker cannot be shared outside of that particular team., tap on the team you wish to access.

  2. Tap on the thumbnail of the video you wish to make accessible offline. Next to the Available Offline option, swipe to the right to make the specific video available for viewing offline.

  3. Videos available for offline viewing have a cloud icon (a) in the upper left of the video thumbnail. Videos with no cloud icon (b) indicate that the device must have an internet connection in order to view the video.