Accessing Team Notifications on Your Mobile Device

When you have a new video you want your team to watch, you need a quick and easy way to let them know. Likewise, when other coaches and players have video content to share with you, it's important that you are notified in a convenient manner. With Coach's Eye + TEAMS, everyone on your team roster will receive an in-app notification when a new video has been added to the team locker.

You receive team notifications in the following situations:

     -When a team member uploads a new video to your team locker.
     -When you import or create a new video and upload it to your team locker.
     -When a video you tried to add to the team locker fails to upload.

To access team notifications on your mobile device:

  1. Open up the Coach's Eye app on your mobile device. Tap on the Account icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. 


  2. The red badge indicates you have new notifications. The number inside of the badge lets you know how many new notifications you have.


  3. In the Account tab you can see your videos which are currently uploading and their progress, as well as videos which have completed uploading to your team locker (this includes videos you have added as well as videos added by other team members). You can tap on a video to view it.


  4. Tap the Clear Notifications option to clear notifications. You will have the option to clear all notifications, clear the notifications for only those videos which have completed uploading, or to cancel the action. Once your notifications have been cleared, you'll notice the red badge icon will disappear.


    *Please Note: If you tap on Clear Notifications while videos are in the upload process these videos will not finish uploading to your team locker.


  5. If you close out of the app during the upload process or if your device goes to sleep or shuts down during the upload process, your uploads may fail. In this situation, you would receive a notification and would have the option to retry the uploads.