Remove Coaches and Players from Your Roster on Your Mobile Device (Android)

As sports seasons come and go, you'll want to be able to change up your team roster. We make it easy and straightforward to remove coaches and players from your teams.

To remove a coach or player from your team roster:

  1. From the Teams section, tap the Team you would like to modify. Tap Settings (1) (may be hidden under the Overflow button). Tap Edit Roster (2). A list of current team members is displayed. 

  2. Swipe the player or coach you wish to delete from left to right. Choose whether to cancel (Nevermind), remove the individual from the specific team or all the teams they currently belong to. 

  3. If you remove a player and would like to re-add them, send them the invitation link to the Team or Teams which they should be a part of. Assuming there are seats available, they will be able to rejoin the team. 

  4. Repeat as needed to remove additional members from the roster.