Uploading Videos to Hudl (for Windows computers)

We realize you probably use a variety of technological resources and systems, and getting your InstantReplay videos into these external systems is important to you. For example, a very common system used for football and other sports, is a program called Hudl. 

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to take your InstantReplay videos and, using Hudl's tool (Hudl Mercury), how to upload your videos from your computer and into you Hudl account. 

**IMPORTANT: In order to upload your InstantReplay videos to your Hudl account, you will first need to...

1. Get your InstantReplay off your iOS device and into iTunes. (View tutorial here.)

2. Download Hudl Mercury on your computer. 
          -Learn how to download Hudl Mercury for Windows here.

Once you've completed the above steps, you're ready to upload your InstantReplay videos from your computer, to your Hudl account.

To upload your InstantReplay videos into your Hudl account:

  1. Open Hudl Mercury on your computer.

  2. Select the Media Files option. From this menu, you can either drag folders of video files, or individual video files, from your desktop to the drag and drop area (the area enclosed by the dotted lines). Or, you can click the Add button, to find the video files you want to upload from your computer.

  3. If you use the Add option, find and select the video files you want to upload. Select Open. (Hint: If you want to import an entire folder of videos you can press the Shift key and then click on the first and last video, to select all of the videos.)

  4. Your videos will upload and open in the Hudl Mercury Reviewer. Here you can preview your videos, delete clips, combine clips, split clips, etc. You can also select Cancel, if you've made a mistake. Or, you can select I'm Done Reviewing, to move on to the next step.

  5. Enter your Hudl credentials and select Login.

  6. Organize your video content as desired (select team, category, game or event, who to share with, etc.). Then, select Save & Upload this Video to Hudl.com.

  7. Once your videos have completed uploading to your Hudl Account, you can view them immediately by clicking on the Watch These Clips Now on Hudl.com button. Or, you can return to the main menu by clicking on the All Done! Take Me Back to the Start button.

  8. Your videos are now in your Hudl Library.

To upload your tagging data and merge it with your videos:

  1. From within your Hudl Library, select the More option and click on Import Data.

  2. Click on Choose File.

  3. Navigate to the folder containing the videos you just uploaded. Select the .CSV file and click Open.

  4. Select Upload Breakdown Data.

  5. Next, select the checkbox next to both the video files you just uploaded, as well as the .CSV file (Imported Data) you just uploaded. Click on Match.

  6. Hudl's Video Editor will open. Here you can see your tags matched up to their appropriate video file. Additionally, you can combine and split clips. Select Save & Close when you're done.

  7. Select Save The Changes Now, to return to your Hudl Library.

  8. You'll see that your video files and tags have been merged into one file. Your video clips will have the associated tags listed with them.

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