Remove Coaches and Players from Your Team Roster on Your Mobile Device

As sports seasons come and go, you'll want to be able to change up your team roster. We make it easy and straightforward to remove coaches and players from your teams.

To remove a coach or player from your team roster:

  1. Open up the Coach's Eye app on your mobile device. From the Teams section, tap on the team you wish to remove members from.

  2. Tap on the gear icon.

  3. In the edit team menu, tap on Roster.

  4. Next to the name of the member you wish to remove, swipe left. Tap on the Remove option that appears.

  5. From here, you have the option to delete the member from only the specific team roster, or all of your team rosters he/she is on. You can also cancel the action if you need to.

  6. Repeat the above step to remove additional members from the roster.
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