TechSmith Relay (Hosted): Videos in LMS using LTI cause an "Earth to LMS"


When accessing video through Learning Management System (LMS), the following error message is present: "Earth to LMS".




This error most commonly occurs in scenarios were the user has an email linked to their LMS that is using a domain that does not have access to their TechSmith Relay Site (such as Yahoo, GMAIL or Hotmail emails). If the user has an unauthorized email linked in their LMS, changing the email to one that was provided by the your organization should correct the issue. 

If the suggestions listed above do not resolve the issue, please open a ticket with the support team with the following information:

  • HAR  Log (HTTPS Archive Report) with the user reproducing the issue. Here is how to generate a HAR Log
  • link(s) to video
  • user(s) experiencing issues
  • step to reproduce the issue

If the user is unable to generate a HAR Log or is unable to reproduce the issue while trying to collect the HAR Log, getting as precise a time as possible (at least a 15 minute range) that the issue occurred.

Click the following link to open a suppor ticket.