TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Publish Account Setup

After you create a publish destination, you define the account for TechSmith Relay to use to access it.

Publish Accounts include the specific information used to place processed presentations in a publish destination, such as user authentication information, folder selection, etc.

To Create a Publish Account

  1. On the Publish Account page (Profiles > Publish Accounts Setup), click one of the publish destinations you have set up.
  2. Enter information for the new account.
  3. Select if you want to make the account the default account. See the tips below for information about default accounts.
  4. If not a default account, select if you want to Use account information from default account. This allows you to use the credentials from the default account and modify other account information, such as paths, folders, and URLs.
  5. Click Save.

Things to Consider About Publish Accounts

The following information might help you in making some decisions when creating your publish accounts.

  • You can let presenters enter their own information.

    If you would like to use this option, you do not have to set up a publish account. Instead, you will select to Use presenter account when configuring a profile.

  • Each publish destination can have a default account.

    This can be helpful in several ways:

    • You can set up a default account to hold the credentials used to access a publish destination, and then use the other accounts to place presentations into various folders.
    • When you select a publish destination and encode setting in a profile, the default account is selected automatically for the publish account.
    • If the default account for a publish destination may change from time to time, you can select Use default account when configuring a profile. You can then change which account is the default account without having to change anything in the affected profiles. The profiles use the currently selected default account for a given publish destination.
  • You can select different publish accounts for each publish destination/encode setting combination in a profile.