TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Kaltura Publish Accounts

Accounts for Kaltura publish destinations define how presentations are published to Kaltura and Kaltura MediaSpace™.

  1. Enter a Title for the publish account.

    This title is meant to help administrators understand what a specific account is meant for during profile creation. Try to use descriptive naming conventions for easy identification.

  2. Select if you want to make the account the default account. See Things to Consider about Publish Accounts for information about default accounts.

    If not a default account, select if you want to Use account information from default account. This allows you to use the credentials from the default account and modify other account information, such as paths, folders, and URLs.

  3. Enter the Creator for this account.

    By default, the Creator field is filled in with the system variable PresenterUserName. This variable is replaced with the presenter's user name associated with a presentation during publishing. This variable is a great choice if user names are the same in both TechSmith Relay and Kaltura, as presentations will automatically map to the correct Kaltura user.

  4. Enter any Tags for this account, using commas to separate entries. Tags are searchable in Kaltura and Kaltura MediaSpace.
  5. Enter any Categories associated with this account.Categories define where (which tab, hierarchy, etc.) a presentation is published on a Kaltura MediaSpace site.
  6. Click Save.