TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Blackboard Server Configuration

TechSmith Relay can automatically post announcements on Blackboard. Configuring Blackboard announcements is a two-step process. First, install the TechSmith Relay Building Block on Blackboard and establish the Shared Secret. Next, configure TechSmith Relay to publish Blackboard announcements.

Important: The configuration steps vary depending on your version of Blackboard Learn™. TechSmith Relay currently supports release 9.1. The TechSmith Relay Blackboard plug-in has been tested with version 9.1.407.

Install TechSmith Relay Building Block

  1. Locate the TechSmith Relay Building Block (RelayAnnounce.war) installed during the server installation at: C:\Program Files\Techsmith\Relay Server\Blackboard Building Block.
  2. Go to your Blackboard site. E.g.
  3. Click User Login and sign in as a System Administrator.
  4. Click the System Admin tab.
  5. Click Building Blocks.

  6. Click Installed Tools.
  7. Click the Upload Building Blocks button.
  8. Under Install Building Block, browse to RelayAnnounce.war. Click Open.
  9. Click the Submit button and verify the Building Block is available.

  10. Click the Settings button. This displays the Shared Secret.
  11. Choose and enter a secure Shared Secret, and make a note of it as you need to enter the Shared Secret into TechSmith Relay.

Configure a Blackboard Server

1. Go to Profiles > Notification Server Setup > Blackboard Server tab.

2. Enter a title (name) for the server.

3. Enter the Blackboard URL and Shared Secret.

4. Click Save.

Tip: If the notification server type you would like to use is not available in the list of notification server, you may have to install the appropriate plug-in before you can use it. See Plug-Ins for more information.

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