TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Global Variables

Global variables are static strings defined by an administrator. Changes made to the values of these variables are instantly reflected wherever they are used in TechSmith Relay.

Create and use a global variable when you have a value that is used across multiple profiles and needs to change at some point.

Example Uses

  • Create a variable for Semester and add it to a file system publish destination path, such as:


    You can use this publish destination for multiple profiles. When the semester is over, change the value on the Profiles > Variables > Global Variables tab and all profiles are automatically adjusted to reflect the change.

  • Create a variable for the person to contact if a presenter needs assistance with editing a TREC file.

    Use the variable in the email notification to the presenter.

    When the responsibility to help presenters passes to a new person, you can easily change the variable value on the Profiles > Variables > Global Variables tab.

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