TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Servers

The Servers page contains information about and lets you interact with servers running TechSmith Relay.

Note: If you have multiple servers to handle processing presentations, you have a “teamed” server environment. On the Servers page of each teamed server, you can access the other servers in the team.

Server Status Icons


Currently accepting and processing presentations.


Currently not accepting new presentations, but still processing existing presentations.


Currently not accepting or processing presentations.


The Event Log in the System menu will have more information on a server error.

Change Server Status

  • Take a server offline

    When you take a server offline, the server stops accepting new presentations, but continues to process presentations it has already received.

  • Shutdown a server

    If you need to completely stop a TechSmith Relay server (to upgrade, for example) take the server offline and then wait until all jobs are Completed and click Shutdown. Note: Verify all presentations have completed prior to shutdown. Any presentations that are not completed will be canceled. When the server is brought back online, all canceled jobs are automatically retried.

  • Bring a server back online

    When you are ready to bring the server back into service, select it from the server list and click Bring Server Online.