TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Transcription Options

TechSmith Relay provides an optional transcription process that allows you to include a full audio search, captions, or both in presentations. The available options are:

  • No transcription

    Presentation audio is not transcribed.

  • Captions and full audio search

    Presentation audio is transcribed for captions and full audio search in Flash and Silverlight encodings. Choose one of the web or Silverlight encoding options to make this available for viewers.

    When audio transcription is complete, the presentation is put into a Held for Captioning state on the Presentations page. There the presenter can review and edit the transcribed audio and release the hold to continue processing the presentation.

  • Full audio search only

    Presentation audio is transcribed to provide a full audio search in Flash and Silverlight encodings, but no captions are shown in the presentation.

    If you want to publish a different encoding type, you can still gain some benefits from transcription. For example, enable the XML file (when available) to make the transcribed audio available as metadata in the file. You can use this metadata for other uses, such as searching within a media server.

    • Can be captioned by Presenter only

      Presentation captions can only be edited by the presenter who uploaded the presentation.

    • Can be captioned by Presenter and Global Caption Editors

      Presentation captions can be edited by the presenter who uploaded the presentations or any Global Caption Editor.

Important: The transcription process adds time to presentation processing.

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