TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Associated Users

In the Associated Users tab, you select users to associate with the profile. This gives the selected presenters access to the profile in TechSmith Relay Recorder.

  1. In the Available Users list, click to select a presenter.

    Presenters are shown in the list in the following format: Display Name (username). For example: Mary Smith (m.smith)

    Tip: To select multiple presenters, hold down SHIFT or CTRL as you select users from the list.

  2. Click Add to associate presenters with the profile.
  3. If you would like to have this profile automatically associated with all new presenters as they are added to TechSmith Relay, enable the Automatically associate this profile with new users option.

    Note: If you do not see this option, you need to turn on this functionality. Go to System > System Options > Auto Associate Profiles and enable the Automatically associate selected profiles with new users option. When you return to the Associated Users tab of a profile, you will see the option.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the Overview tab to continue.