TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Publish to

To create a publish destination:

  1. Click Profiles > Publish Destinations.
  2. Click on the left to create a new destination.
  3. Enter a default folder. You can use variables to help automatically personalize the folder name.
  4. Click Save.

    The publish destination is saved and you are presented with a link to the Publish Account Setup for this destination.

  5. Click the link to continue with Publish Account Setup.

What is is the place to share your high-quality videos, documents, presentations, and images—simply and professionally. We never compress or alter your what you upload is what viewers see. And with four levels of privacy controls, you get to decide who sees what.

Benefits of Publishing to

  • Presenters can easily manage, organize, and delete their presentations.
  • Presenters can attach additional materials to the video. For example, a viewer can download notes, the actual presentation slides, etc.
  • is hosted by TechSmith and is helpful for customers with limited bandwidth and media storage space.
  • Presenters can exercise individual control over how their content is protected.
  • Presenters can allow viewers to comment on their presentations. See for more information.

Presenter Accounts for

When publishing to, set the Publish Accounts to Use presenter account.

Every TechSmith Relay presenter needs a account. To obtain accounts, visit Accounts are not created via TechSmith Relay.

By default, presentations are stored in the TechSmith Relay folder on TechSmith Relay Administrators can create multiple destinations for organizational purposes, and can also create multiple folders for presenters. Presenters may also create their own folders on and assign them to their profile.

Inform Presenters

Presentations are not published until presenters sign in to the TechSmith Relay website and enter their account information. Ideally, introduce presenters to the TechSmith Relay website and have them enter their information before making recordings.

Presenters that make a recording and upload a presentation before the information is entered receive an email with a hyperlink and instructions to solve the problem.

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