TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Create Profiles

After you have defined the publish destination and set up notifications, you are ready to create profiles.

To start creating a new profile:

  1. Go to Profiles.
  2. Click the New Profile button.

    The Profile Setup page opens.

  3. Work through, from top to bottom, the tabs at the left side of the page.

    These tabs are:

Tab Status Icons

As you are working through the tabs, each tab shows its current status. The status icons are as follows:

Everything on this tab is valid and in working order.

Something on this tab is not quite right. You might want to verify that you are not missing anything. This does not make a profile invalid.

Example: There are no notifications selected.

There is an error on this tab. You will need to enter or correct information before this profile can be used.

Example: There are publish destinations without encode settings selected.