Add Coaches and Players to Your Roster on Your Mobile Device

Once your team is set up, invite desired coaches and players to join so you can begin creating and sharing content. We offer several quick and easy ways for you to share out the invite link to your team. Players and coaches use this link to access your team page and create their account.

*Please Note: To add one user to multiple teams, you must send them the individual invite links to each team. You can add a single user to as many teams as you want; they will only be counted as one roster seat in your Master Roster and you are only paying for them once.

To add coaches and players to your team roster:

  1. Open the Coach's Eye app on your Windows device. Under the teams items section, select the team you want to add members to.

  2. Select the plus icon.

  3. You'll arrive at your TEAMS Dashboard on the web.

  4. Under the Teams section, select EDIT TEAMS.

  5. Select the plus sign in the circle icon to add users to a specific team.

  6. Copy the team invite link. Send the link via your preferred communication method (text message, email, on a team website, Facebook, etc.) with your coaches and players. They can click/tap on the link, create an account, and join your team!

  7. Once a user has joined your team they will appear on that team's roster.

When you're satisfied, select the arrow icon in the upper left-hand corner of the pop-up window to return to the previous screen.

**Please Note: Those send the team invite link to will need to use the following process in order to successfully create an account, join your team, and have full access to the Coach's Eye app. You may want to include these instructions in the team invite you send out, or print it out for users to ensure they follow the appropriate steps.