Tagging and Searching for Team Videos on Your Mobile Device

We know your team's shared locker will fill up quickly with videos. To make it easier to organize and search for specific videos in your team locker, we encourage you to add tags to your videos.

To add tags to a video in your team locker:
  1. Open up the Coach's Eye app on your mobile device. From the teams items section, tap on the team you wish to access.

  2. Within your team's shared locker, long press on the video thumbnail and tap the edit icon to open the video in analysis mode. Or, tap on the video you want to analyze to open it and then tap the edit icon to open up the analysis view.

  3. Use the Search feature to find tags we've pre-populated for you. Add these tags by tapping on the desired search result or the plus icon. You can also create your own unique tags to add to a video. To delete a tag, tap on the X on the specific tag.

    Please Note: Some video tags are added automatically by the Coach's Eye app. These apps do not have an X next to them when in edit mode and cannot be deleted.

  4. Tap the back arrow when you're finished adding your tags. You, and other team members, can now search for and filter videos by tags.