TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Presentations

The Presentations page allows you to view presentations by state and take action to resolve issues.

Presentations in all states have the following information:

  • User name and email of presenter that submitted the presentation
  • Date and time the presentation was recorded
  • Presentation description, if entered by the presenter
  • Profile used, with link to view and edit profile
  • Duration of presentation
  • Resolution of presentation

You can view presentations on the server by the following states:

Needs Attention Use the information and options provided to resolve issues so the presentation can process. Includes a list of presenters and a list of profiles to select from. You can also delete presentations.
Processing View the progress of a processing presentation. You can see the progress of each job associated with the presentation, including transcription, encoding, publishing, and notifications.
Uploading View the upload progress and cancel upload, if needed.
Completed View the status of presentations that have completed processing. For some publish destinations, links are included to view the published presentation. Select Remove from List to permanently remove a presentation from the Completed list.
Deleted View information about any deleted presentations.
Failed Use the information provided to figure out why a presentation failed. Includes status information to show you which part of processing failed.
Held for Captioning View the presentations held for caption editing. When caption editing is complete or to skip caption editing, click Edit Captions to open the presentation in the caption editor or Release Hold to continue processing the presentation.

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