Exporting Videos (Android, Instant Replay)

We know your InstantReplay videos are valuable to you and that you may want to export them out of the app to free up storage on your device. Additionally, these videos can serve as valuable feedback not only during the game, but afterwards as well. That's why we've added the ability to send your videos directly from InstantReplay into your Coach's Eye app for further review, analysis and sharing.

*Please Note: You will need to have a file manager app, such as ES File Explorer, to access your export and access your InstantReplay videos.

*Please Note: 
You must have the Coach's Eye app installed on your device to send videos from InstantReplay to your Coach's Eye Device Library.

To export your InstantReplay videos to your device's local storage folder or to Coach's Eye:

  1. Open the InstantReplay app on your mobile device. Open the session containing the videos you want to export.

  2. Long press on a video to select it. Then, tap the additional videos you want to export.

  3. From here you have three options:

              a. Move the videos to another session.
              b. Export your videos to the file manager app on your device.
              c. Send the videos to your Coach's Eye Device Library.

  4. To move your videos to a different session, tap the MOVE option. Then select the session you want to send the videos to.

  5. To send the videos to Coach's Eye, tap SEND TO COACH'S EYE. The videos will then appear in your Device Library in the Coach's Eye app.

  6. To export your videos to the file manager app on your device, tap EXPORT. Your videos can be found by opening the file manager app on your device and tapping Movies.

    Then, select the InstantReplayExports folder.

    The folders are organized by date exported. Select the folder you want to open and you will see your videos.

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