Video Analysis Tools (Android)

Learn how to create a shareable Coach’s Eye video review that contains all of your coaching wisdom.

*View video tutorial here.

To use the video analysis tools:

  1. Open up the Coach's Eye app on your mobile device. Under the My Videos section, tap on Device. Tap on the video you want to analyze.

  2. Then, tap ANALYZE to open the analysis view.

  3. At the bottom of the analysis view you'll see the following options:

      1. The fly wheel, which offers frame-by-frame scrubbing. 
      2. An option to play your original video back in slow motion.
      3. The option to play or pause your original video. 

  4. On the right-hand side of the analysis view you will see your analysis tools, including our premium analysis tools if you are a PRO or VIP subscriber (angle, stopwatch, spotlight). Tap on the desired analysis tool to begin using it.

  5. Tapping a second time on the highlighted analysis tool will bring up a menu with additional analysis tools and color options.

  6. At the bottom of the toolbar, you'll also see the options to undo or redo your last action, the ability to hide or show the toolbar, as well as the option to clear all annotations from your screen.

  7. Tapping on the COMPARE option in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will allow you to analyze two videos side-by-side. Tap ADD and select a video. Now you're ready to complete your side-by-side analysis! Tap Done when your analysis is complete.


  8. By tapping on RECORD at the top of your screen, you can record everything you say and do during your analysis. All of your voice-over narration and analysis drawings will be captured and made into a new video that you can share. While recording, you can restart your recording should you need to, by tapping on RESTART.


  9. When you're finished, tap on DONE at the top of the screen to stop recording and build your analysis.


  10. Your analysis video can be found in your device library.