Backing Up Videos to Your Cloud Locker from Your Android Device

With a PRO or VIP account, you can backup all of your videos to your cloud locker. This way, should you ever lose or switch your device (or switch platforms), you will not lose any of your videos. Additionally, this allows you to delete videos from your device to free up storage space.

*View video tutorial here.

To enable automatic video backup:

  1. Open the Coach's Eye app on the device you wish to register. Tap the menu icon.

  2. Tap anywhere in the section containing your name and profile picture.

  3. Swipe up to find the Network Settings Section. Toggle on (green showing) the automatic video backup option. Now, every time you create or import a video with Coach's Eye, it will automatically get backed up to your cloud storage.

  4. All videos which have been backed up to your cloud locker can be found under the My Videos section, in your Locker.

We also understand you may not want to have this option on, or a video may fail to backup from time to time. This is why we've made it possible for you to manually backup your videos as well.

To backup videos manually:

  1. Under the My Videos section, tap on Device.

  2. Tap on the video(s) you want to backup. Tap on the BACKUP icon.

To manually backup multiple videos at once:

  1. Under the My Videos section, tap on Device.

  2. Long press on one of the videos you want to backup. A green check mark will appear on the thumbnail. Tap on the rest of the videos you want to backup. Then, tap on the cloud icon to backup the videos.