Managing Your Account on Your iOS Device

On your iOS mobile device, you can manage your subscription, access and edit your profile, view your total storage used, register devices, and adjust your network settings.

To manage your account on your iOS mobile device:

  1. Open the Coach's Eye app. Tap Account.

  2. Here you can find the following sections and information:

    1. ACCOUNT LOGIN INFORMATION. The account you're signed in with. It is VERY important you are logged in using the same account you purchased your PRO, VIP, or TEAMS subscription with.

    2. MY SUBSCRIPTION. Your personal subscription level, your subscription expiration date, the option to turn on/off the automatic video backup feature, as well as the amount of storage you're using.

    3.  TEAM SUBSCRIPTION. If you are a TEAMS subscriber you will see your subscription information, including the number of roster seats you're using and the amount of storage you're using.

    4. NETWORK SETTINGS. Here you have the option to turn on/off the feature which allows you to backup your videos using mobile data, when an internet connection is not available.

    5. DEVICE REGISTRATION. Here you will see the name designated to your current device, as well as the option to edit the name (to more easily identify this device when looking at the list of all your registered device). You also have the option to register/unregister your device. Finally, you can see a list of all the devices you have registered. Here you also have the option to unregister any of your listed devices.

    6. SPREAD THE WORD. Here you can connect to your social media channels to spread the word about Coach's Eye and encourage others to use it. You can also give us feedback and rate the app.

    7. SUPPORT. Here you can request technical assistance, access our tutorials, check out the Coach's Eye blog, and review our privacy policy.