TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Setup Notifications

Notifications are the various ways that people are informed when presentations are published. They are sent per profile and can include information about multiple processed presentations.

To set up notifications, you first configure the notification server and then create custom notifications. If you want to use the email server you set up during installation, you can skip ahead to Create Notifications.

You can configure three types of notification servers:

  • Blackboard: Posts notifications directly to BlackBoard

  • Email: Sends notifications through the email server. 
    Note: You can only configure one email server.
  • Moodle: Posts notifications to Moodle.

Configure a Notification Server

  1. Go to Profiles > Notification Server Setup.
  2. Click one of the server types to create a new notification server.

    Important: If the notification server type you would like to use is not available in the list of notification servers, you may have to install the appropriate plug-in before you can use it. See Plug-Ins for more information.

  3. Enter all required information.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The notification server information is saved and you are presented with a link to the Notification Setup for this server.
  6. Click the link to continue with Create Notifications.