TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Create Notifications

After you configure a notification server, you create notifications to use with that server.

You can select who receives notification and what kind of information they receive about published presentations.

Create a Notification

  1. On the Notification Setup page (Profiles > Notification Setup), click one of the notification servers.
  2. Enter information for the notification. Depending on which server type you select, you will enter different types of information.

    You can use variables to allow one notification to be used in multiple cases. For more information, see Variables.

  3. Select a Details Template to use.

    Click Samples to preview what information each template includes.

    This template defines what information to include in the notification. A notification contains information for each encoding you select to include in this notification in the profile.

    Choose Message only if you only want to specify a message and not include additional details.

  4. Enter a message to include in the notification. This can be a personalized greeting, additional presentation information, or left blank. You can use variables in this field.
  5. Click Save.

Things to Consider About Notifications

The following information might help you in making some decisions when creating notifications.

  • When you set up a profile, you can choose which encodings you want to include in each notification.

    For example, you could create a profile that contains both a Web video and a TREC file. You can include the Web video information in a notification that goes straight to viewers and include information on the TREC file in a notification that goes only to the presenter.

  • You can preview the information included in each of the details templates by clicking the Samples link. For more information on the details templates, see Details Templates.
  • You can use variables to allow for a single notification to be used for multiple uses.

    For example, use the system variable {s:PresenterEmailAddress} in the To field of an email notification. Any profile that uses that notification always sends an email to the email address of the presenter associated with the presentation.

  • If you use variables in the message of a notification, some variables only receive information from the last processed encoding in a presentation.

    For example, if you use the system variable {s:PublishFilePath} in the message of a notification and have multiple encodings set up in the selected profile, only the file path of last published encoding is included in the message.

  • TechSmith Relay does not send separate notifications for each encoding selected in a profile, but instead rolls information for each encoding into a single notification.

    For example, if in a profile you select to include three encoding types in a notification, the recipient receives one notification including information about all three encodings rather than three separate notifications.