TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Add LDAP Users to TechSmith Relay

Automatically Import Users with LDAP

To ease administration of TechSmith Relay, you can enable a system option to import an LDAP user when they log into TechSmith Relay (website or recorder) with valid LDAP credentials.

Tip: Use this option in conjunction with automatically assigning profiles for the easiest way to get TechSmith Relay set up when you use LDAP authentication.

  1. Go to System > System Options > Auto Import Users.
  2. Enable the option to Automatically import users with valid LDAP credentials.
  3. Click Save.

As presenters successfully log in to either the TechSmith Relay website or the TechSmith Relay recorder with LDAP usernames and passwords, they are automatically added to TechSmith Relay. If you enabled Auto Associate Profiles, presenters can access the selected profiles immediately. This is a great way to reduce the amount of administration work for getting new users started with TechSmith Relay.

Manually Import Users with LDAP

TechSmith Relay can reference an LDAP directory to populate the user database. There are two ways to import users into the TechSmith Relay database.

  • At the end of the LDAP setup wizard, click Manually import users to import users immediately.
  • When LDAP is enabled you can also import users from the Users > LDAP Import page.
  1. From the Import LDAP page, you can search for LDAP users or groups in the left pane, or you can use the upper-right pane to search by username, name, email, or LDAP attributes.
  2. Once your search has returned results, check the box to the left of the users you want to add, or select all by checking the box in the top row.
  3. Choose the role to assign the selected users with the "Add with" dropdown.
  4. Click Add Users.

Once the users are added, you will find them on the Users > User List page.

To view a user's complete list of attributes, select a single user in the list, and click View Details in their Account Info section.