TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Adding Dynamic LDAP Groups

To set up a new Dynamic LDAP Group, first make sure your TechSmith Relay site is configured to use LDAP. For more on configuring TechSmith Relay for LDAP, see Add LDAP Users to TechSmith Relay.

To set up an LDAP group

  1. Go to Users > Dynamic LDAP Groups.
  2. Click the add button to add a new group.

  3. Under Group Info, enter a title for your group.
  4. Select an Attribute Key, Equality, and Attribute Value if you know those values.
    • Attribute Key: This is the name of the attribute, or properties. When you click on the Attribute Key dropdown, you'll be able to choose from a complete list of attribute keys.
    • Equality: Choose whether you want to return only exact value matches or if you want it to just contain the value. If only one of these options works on a query, TechSmith Relay will disable the other, leaving only one option.
    • Attribute Value: This is the criteria, or data--numeric or otherwise.

    If you need assistance filling out these fields, click Show existing object selector.The tree view drops down, allowing you to navigate to existing users with the attribute you want to isolate. If you click on the user attribute displayed on the right, it will populate the Attribute Key and Value fields. Adjust the Equality and Value fields as needed.

  5. Click Add.
  6. Optional: Add more rules (or query strings) by clicking the gray plus button. Once the group contains more than one, an Operator field will appear and let you choose whether you want your return to have both attributes (And), or if you want to return results with either attribute (Or).

Query String

The query string that generates on this page is LDAP syntax to search LDAP directories. That means that LDAP administrators can enter this string into their directory program and it will return a list of users in this group.

To assign profiles to a group

  1. Go to Users > Dynamic LDAP Groups
  2. Click on the group title, and then under the Profiles Assigned section of the group page, choose an existing profile from the dropdown.
  3. Click the add a new profile button to assign the selected profile to the group.

Updating user information with LDAP changes

Individual user information will get updated with group information when one of the following happens:

  • The user logs in (TechSmith Relay will sync their user information with groups and respective profiles at that time).
  • An administrator manually syncs the user's LDAP information from the User List page.

A user's associated dynamic LDAP groups can be viewed by going to Users > User List and clicking on a user.