TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Verifying Setup

The purpose of this step is to ensure everything is set up properly. It also helps you better understand the “big picture” of TechSmith Relay and should help you make better decisions when implementing TechSmith Relay on a large scale.

Verify the Installation

  1. Add yourself as a user with presenter access. (Administrators cannot make recordings.)
  2. Associate your presenter account to a profile.
  3. Download a recorder from System > Download Recorders and install. (It is recommended to not install the TechSmith Relay recorder on the server as a means of verifying your setup.)
  4. Log in to the TechSmith Relay recorder. Enter the presenter account username and password created on the TechSmith Relay website (e.g. don’t use the RelayAdmin username).
  5. Select a profile.
  6. Record your desktop activity for a minute or two. Stop the recording and click Submit.
  7. Sign in to the TechSmith Relay website using the same username and password you entered into the recorder. You can view the status of your recording and experience the website from a presenter point of view.
  8. Verify that the presentation processes and publishes correctly.