TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Deploy the TechSmith Relay Recorder

In a locked-down or controlled environment, the administrator can choose to deploy the TechSmith Relay Recorder for Window operating systems, instead of having the users download it from the TechSmith Relay website.

To obtain a Windows MSI file:

  1. Install the Windows Recorder on any Windows machine.
  2. Copy the MSI file from the following location:
  3. This MSI can be distributed by using the TechSmith Deployment Tool to create a Windows Installer Transform file, or by running the MSI using properties shown below.

The "Properties" that need to be assigned values are as follows:

Critical Properties

  • PRIMARYENDPOINT: TechSmith Relay server URL.
  • TEAMID: Teaming GUID. This property should be only used when teaming multiple servers together.

Optional Properties

  • INSTALLDIR: Main destination folder.
  • TSC_PP_ADDIN: Set to 0 to disable the TechSmith Relay Recorder Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • TSC_START_NOW: Set to 0 to keep TechSmith Relay Recorder from launching after installation.
  • TSC_DESKTOP_LINK: Set to 0 to not create a shortcut to TechSmith Relay Recorder on the Desktop.


msiexec.exe /i “\\Apps_server\TechSmithRelayRecorder.msi” PRIMARYENDPOINT="" TEAMID="FE47DE98-9E88-414b-A99F-C24F26951D7F" TSC_DESKTOP_LINK=0 /qb-!