TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Suggested Roll-out Checklist

Here’s a checklist of suggested steps when introducing TechSmith Relay to presenters.

  • Verify all presenters have valid profiles associated with their accounts.
  • You might wish to roll-out TechSmith Relay in stages. For example, start with one department instead of the whole company or campus.
  • What training do presenters require? You can direct presenters to the overview video launched from the help menu of the recorder and the videos located in the help section of the TechSmith Relay website. (Administrators see a different help page.)
  • Decide if you will install the TechSmith Relay recorder on user computers, if you will direct users to obtain and install the recorder on their own, or if you will Deploy TechSmith Relay Recorder. The recorder has the TechSmith Relay server URL “baked-in” based on the server from which it was downloaded. If you put a copy of the TechSmith Relay recorder on a website or network drive make sure you got it from the server you want people to use.
  • Establish a clear policy for how presenters should do things like request new profiles or profile changes or request a new password.
  • Prepare an introduction email for presenters. We’ve created a few samples you can modify.

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